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Treatments  We Offer


Eczema .



Brain Tumor .

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Cancer / Tumor Neck

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Genetic & Chromosomal Disorders

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Burned Skin​

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We offer homeopathy treatment/services for following problems such as 

Anxiety Neuroses,
Benign Prostate Hypertrophy,
Burning Urination,
Children Related Complaints,
Chronic Health Ailments,
Constipation & Piles,
Cord Compression,
Dandruff And Alopecia,
Delayed Milestones Of Development Of Child,
Dentition In Children,
Exercise Guidance,
Growth Related Problems,
Herbal Treatment,
High Cholesterol Management,
Hyper And Hypothyroidism,
Insect Bites,
Iron Deficiency,
Jaw Pain,
Lack Of Concentration In Children,

Loss Of Concentration,
Lung Exerciser,
Lymph Glands Disorder,
Medicines For Stimulation Of Immune System,
Mental Illness Treatment,
Non Healing Ulcers,
Paediatric Cases,
Paediatric General Problems,
Prostrate Enlarge,
Recurrent Tonsillitis,
Sickle Cell Anaemia,
Skin Disease Treatment,
Teeth Treatment,
Thyroid And Diabetes Treatment,
Tumour In Breast,
Urinary Troubles,
Uterine Prolapse,
Women & Allergic Disorder,
Work-Life Balance Counselling,
Allergy Treatment,
Treatment For Hair Loss,
Weight Loss Diet Counselling,
Bronchial Asthma Treatment,
Diet Counselling,
Dandruff Treatment,
Gastritis Treatment,
Treatment For Obesity,
Liver Disease Treatment,
Acne/Pimples Treatment,
Gall Bladder Stone Treatment,
Migraine Treatment,
Cancer Treatment,
Dysmenorrhea Treatment,
Lifestyle Disorders Treatment,
Eczema Treatment,
Skin Disorders Treatment,
General Illness,
Acidity Treatment,
Treatment For Insomnia,
Bronchitis Treatment,
Psoriasis Treatment,
Hypertension Treatment,
Thyroid Disorder Treatment,
Rheumatism Treatment,
Treatment For Dermatitis,
Dengue Fever Treatment,
Adult Counselling,
Joint and Musculoskeletal Disorder, Treatment,
Infectious Disease Treatment,
Fever Treatment,
Constipation Treatment,
Cervical Spondylosis,
Skin Blemishes Treatment,
Vertigo Treatment,
Preventive Medicine,
Heart Conditions,
Neurological Problems,
Common Cold,
Colitis Treatment,
General Health,
Rheumatic Complaints,
Sore Throat,
Lower And Upper Respiratory Tract, Infection Treatment,
First Aid,
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ,(COPD) Treatment,
Child Cure,
Geriatric Healthcare Services,
Gout Treatment,
Herpes Zoster,
Breast Problems,
Menarche Problems Treatment,
Menorrhagia Treatment,
Pain-Free Pregnancy,
Travel Sickness,
Prostate Enlargement,
Exam Anxiety Treatment,
Ear Infection,
Weight Gain/Weight Loss,
Nutritional Guidance,
Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment,
Lack of Concentration in Studies,
Developmental and Behavioural Disorders,
Delayed Speech,
Congenital Disorders Such As Downs ,Syndrome,
Cancer Palliative Treatment,
Allergic Rhinitis,
General Consultation,
Treatment For Obstetrics Problems,
All Types of Complicated Old Diseases,
Chronic Coryza,
Tumor and Trauma,
Skin Care And Treatment,
General Surgery,
Treatment For Gastroenteritis,
Chronic Symptoms,
Skin Checks,
Kidney Problem,
Weight Gain Diet Counselling,
Back Pain Treatment,
Family Health History,
All Chronic Cases,
Anti Aging Treatment,
Cold Treatment,
Illness Treatment,
Balance Training,
Cough Treatment,
Psychological Assessments,
Ear Problem,
All Services,
Cyst, Tumour,
Female Disorders, Sinus And Sinusitis Treatment,
Scar Treatment,
Stomach Indigestion,
Wrinkles Treatment,
Digestion Test,
Osteoarthritis Treatment,
Diabetic Complication,
Cholesterol Treatment,
Tonsillitis Treatment,
Joint Pain Treatment,
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment,
Treatment For Piles,
Frozen Shoulder Treatment,
Indigestion treatment,
Slip Disc Treatment,
Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment,
Wheezing cough,
Recurrent Cough And Cold,
Allergic Rashes,
Patchy skin,
Breathlessness Treatment,
Nasal Blockage Treatment,
All types of Headache,
Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment,
Gynaecology Problems,
Menstrual Disorders in Adolescent Girls,
Arthritis Pain Treatment,
Viral Fever Treatment,
Skin Rash Treatment,
Peptic And Gastric Ulcer Treatment,
Anxiety Disorders Treatment,
Headache Management,
Hair Removal Treatment,
Hair Treatment,
Weight Loss Treatment,
Neck Pain Treatment,
Anal Fissure Treatment (Non-Surgical),
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ,Treatment,
Kidney Disease Treatment,
Chronic Kidney Disease,
Obesity and Other Lifestyle Disease ,
Anaemia Treatment,
Hair Disease,
Child Development Disease Treatment,
Chronic Pain Treatment,
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment,
Chronic Liver Disease,
Fistula Treatment,
Diabetes in Children,
Skin Allergy Testing,
Treatment For Diseases In Pregnancy,
Diseases of the Chest,
Lumbar Spondylitis Treatment,
Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment,
Sleep Disorder Treatment,
Diabetic Ulcer Treatment,
Anger Management,
Insomnia in Children Treatment,
Paediatric Asthma Treatment,
Acute Diarrheal Treatment,
Concentration Problems,
Chronic Skin Allergy Treatment,
Treatment For Jaundice,
Typhoid Fever Treatment,
Fertility Treatment,
De Addiction Treatment,
Skin Treatment,
Learning Disability Treatment,
Nosebleed Treatment,
Ulcerative Colitis Treatment,
PCOS Treatment,
Foot infection,
Abdominal Pain Treatment,
Acute Kidney Disease Treatment,
Nutritional Assessment,
Bleeding Gums Treatment,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Ovarian Cyst Treatment,
Disorders Of Puberty,
Varicose Veins Treatment,
Other Pigmented Lesions,
Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment,
General Medical Consultation,
Swine Flu Test,
Urinary Tract And Bladder Stones ,Treatment,
Haemorrhoids Treatment,
Venous Ulcer Treatment,
Diabetes Renal Failure,
Ear Ache,
Fatty Liver,
Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment,
Difficulty In Learning,
Malaria Treatment,
Urinary Tract Obstruction,
Dengue Treatment,
Spine Mobilization,
Female Infertility Treatment,
Cerebral Palsy Treatment,
Hepatitis C Treatment,
Chronic constipation,
Chalazion Excision,
Body Pain Management,
Hair Care,
Alzheimer's Treatment,
Muscular dystrophy,
Abscess (Boils),
Children's Health,
Male Infertility Treatment,
Treatment For Nasal And Sinus Allergy,
Melasma Treatment,
Development Assessment,
Aplastic Anaemia,
Boils (Recurrent),
Callosities (corns),
Bells Palsy Treatment,
Cardiac (Heart) diseases,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment,
Diabetes Type I,
Diabetes Type II,
Dry Eye Treatment,
Retinal Detachment,
Chest Disease Treatment,
Skin Rejuvenation Treatment,
Asthma in adults,
Enteric fever (Typhoid),
Fibroadenoma (breast Tumour),
Gastritis Gord (gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease),
Psoriasis Arthritis,
Pulmonary Tuberculosis,
Adolescent Medicine,
Pituitary Disorders,
Thyroid Disease in Children,
Chest Pain Treatment

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