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What is a Retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst?

Arachnoid cysts are the most common type of brain cyst. They are often congenital, or present at birth (primary arachnoid cysts). ... The cysts are fluid-filled sacs, not tumors. The likely cause is a split of the arachnoid membrane, one of the three layers of tissue that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord

Although the cysts usually cause no harm, if they rupture (break open) or bleed, they can cause potentially serious problems requiring emergency treatment. ...


Most children with ruptured/bleeding cysts had headache and other symptoms related to increased pressure within the skull (intracranial pressure)

Just 1 day AFTER our
Homeopathy Treatment

(Same Patient)

Retrocerebellar Arachnoid cyst mri
arachnoid cyst

Case Details :

16 yrs Female having severe Headache and  tremors of rt hand all the day and neck tremors (at night) and sleeping position.

Drowsy sleepy feeling was present even in day time.

MRI reveals Retro-cerebellar arachnoid cyst which was uncommon for the age.

Homeopathy medicine given for total of 1 day on frequent intervals .

In followup after 1 day All tremors were stopped . Little Headache was still present with drowsiness. Showing good improvement in disease symptoms, expected recovery time 6 months for changes in brain .

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