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   Thyroid reports Before and After Homeopathy Treatment   

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The Full Story



         Because of very limited free time am writing this story shortly,

          This is an example how Homeopathy works in wonderful way in thyroid conditions , this 54 yr old female patient came to Dr.Thombre Classical Homeopathy Clinic at 29-9-2022 last year ,  having few common symptoms as in hypothyroidism , she was taking common allopathy medicines since few years but the issue was increasing constantly since she realised that she have hypothyroidism even after on that medication ,that day she apparently decided to move towards homeopathy treatment and so came to us .We stopped her old thyroid medicines at first and observed for first week ,and started our Homeopathy medicines too.

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At first the there was high TSH level , so there was not any significant improvement maybe because her body was relied on previous medicines so issue was aggravated for first few weeks but after 1 month there was drop in TSH and same was going great till 5 months now its very near to normal thyroid range and other thyroid hormones are now in balanced state with no symptoms of hypothyroidism. After 2 to 3 months this treatment will be stopped with a good hopes of permanent cure.

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