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Reports Before and After the Homeopathy Treatment

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The Full Story

      The 79 yr male patient was known case of CKD (chronic kidney disease) , and he was admitted for viral infection with high fever and viral pneumonitis , and was in icu with low oxygen saturation as described by patient relatives.

As no homeopathy medicines do not have any kind of side effects the hospital staff allowed patient relatives to give supportive homeopathy treatment and so the homeopathy medicines for ckd were prescribed by us (Dr.Thombre Classical Homeopathy Clinic) , after starting medicine both for chronic kidney disease along with considering viral pneumonitis , and urine infection homeopathy medicines were prescribed . After few days there was good improvement in patients general health and oxygen requirement by oxygen mask was reduced but dialysis was still indicated according to previous blood reports so latest reports of kidney function test were done prior to dialysis , 

and surprisingly the creatine came to almost normal , serum creatine was 10.34 mg/dl previously and in latest reports it was 1.56 and after few days it was in range of 1.4 and totally normal and after few days discharge was given to patient.

This is how Homeopathy works wonderfully in treatment for chronic kidney disease and even in few impossible kidney failure cases .

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