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Introduction of Homoeopathy

What is Homeopathy:

              Homoeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is being practiced almost all over the world. In India it has become a household name due the safety of its pills and gentleness. A rough study states that about 10% of the Indian population solely depend Homoeopathy. For their Health care needs Homeopathy is considered as the Second most popular system of medicine.


              It's more than a century and a half that Homoeopathy is being practiced in India. It has blended so well into the roots and traditions of the country.It has been recognised as one of the National System of Medicine.It plays a very important role in providing health care to a large number of people. It's strength lies in it's evident effectiveness. As it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through promotion of inner balance.Especially at mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.


what is homeopathy

              The word ‘Homoeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words, Homois meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. Homoeopathy simply means treating diseases with remedies, prescribed in minute doses. These are capable of producing symptoms similar to the disease when taken by healthy people. It is based on the natural law of healing."Similia Similibus Curantur” which means "likes are cured by likes”. It was given a scientific basis by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755-1843) in the early 19th century. It has been serving suffering humanity for over two centuries. It has withstood the upheavals of time and has emerged as a time tested therapy for the scientific principles.These were propounded by Hahnemann are natural ,well proven and continue to be followed with success even today.

It's all about Introduction of Homoeopathy ,What is Homeopathy | Dr.Tombare

Source Ayush Ministry of Homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy | Dr.Tombare

Though A homeopath may be said to be different than naturopath .As per point of view of pathies ,the Homeopathy is still based on natural laws.It has been proved for natural ways of treatment of various diseases. some people say it a alternative medicine . But it should be the main stream. As homeopathy acts best when you have not taken much medicines from other pathies.There are several home remedies for cold  also act like homeopathy do.Homeopathy is the safest way of removal of disease permanently it is widely used.Know about homeopathic medicine.About this page homeopathic doctor near me homeopathy doctor in pune.Homeopathy doctors in mumbai , homeopathy clinic near me. homeopathic store near me. search results for ,commonly searched words on google homeopathy shop near me.keywords of google homeopathic clinic, homeo clinic near me. search for homeopathy medical near me,you can find us on map by searching like this  homeopathic doctor. homeopathic medical store near me, homeopathy medicine shop near me, dr thombare. doctor thombare, homeopathy doctor, thombre, homeopathy doctor in pune. best homeopathy doctor in pune, homeopathy images, home remedies for cold. home remedies for loose motion, know more about home remedies for throat infection

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