Giving Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Back Pain

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

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Whatever we need in Hmoeopathy to treat any disease ,,,is evaluation of Cause of disease , then it is very simple to cure any case , no matter what the disease is .similarly it applies to common symptom like back ache where etiology may vary , like back pain due to injury ,nerve compression , spinal disk bulging , disk degeneration in osteoporosis which maybe due to intestinal disease as a result of less absorption of calcium from intestine , so homoeopathy medicine is given for the intestine function which results in spinal cure by re mineralization of spine...!

Back pain due to muscular atrophy , referred pain that means pain radiating from nearby location to the actual pain area ,it commonly happens in uterine and kidney disorders ,so the homoeopathy medicine is given for the pain radiating organ and never for the pain in actual site , so on ,,,

That's why Homoeopathy cures main cause of disease and body heals itself and cure happens for permanent...!

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