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Solution for insomnia (Loss of Sleep)

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

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Insomnia , Sleep loss , Causes , Treatment

Common cause we usually encounter related to patients regarding to insomnia is changed lifestyle of people now a days. 1. First Reason Many of us use laptops , televisions , and the worst LCD/LED Mobile Phones , these devices use blue spectrum of light in much more quantity for display , the point is to say that we humans (even animals too ) have a invisible subconscious routine of the body working in background its called as circadian rhythm which is naturally depends upon sun rays mostly , but our displays of electronic media are mimicking those sun rays so the body feels as if it is morning , so the brain does not induce sleep for a specific period after to the exposure of light. Wola then we become owl , Even i do check my emails and some messages before going to sleep sometimes too...!

2. Second reason for sleep loss is that, Some people have habit of tobacco chewing , smoking cigarettes , drinking coffee in evening , using excessive energy drinks , those people are also prone to insomnia .

3. Third cause is common some of us sleep in afternoon for a long period , although it looks natural but actually it is not , Taking a short power nap of 15 to 30 min is the proper way which will make you more refresh and also it will not affect your sleep at night .

4. Fourth reason is Mental stress, worries , sometimes its OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder) These are the areas where we can control some of its reasons but if you are unable to control these things you may need a homoeopathy treatment .

5. Fifth Cause may be some chronic pain of body parts , migraine , brain disorders , low haemoglobin , tinnitus and other pathological causes are also need a good homoeopathy treatment.

6. Sixth cause is also very important that is if someone is using sleeping pills to get sleep for a long time , it will produce a dependency of your body for that pills .

So choose treatment wisely ...!

7. Seventh Cause is some diseases related to brain , these include traumatic head injury which is resulting in headache and resulting in loss of sleep , thyroid disorders also responsible for insomnia , brain tumors etc. are also responsible in some cases so it is better to carry reports of MRI or EEG etc .

If you want to Visit Our Clinic please come with All of your reports if you have any . esp .MRI , or EEG , thyroid reports , haemogram etc.

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