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Calcium Deficiency and Excess . Wrong ways of Treatment

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

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Calcium Supplements

First of all i will explain what is role of calcium in human body

Calcium is a mineral that is an essential part of every bone and teeth. The heart, nerves, and blood-clotting systems also need calcium to work ,

In many diseases and medical conditions calcium supplemental tablets are prescribed

like in osteoporosis , post menopausal period , in pregnancy , even in childhood period for growth of a children ,

let me tell you where's the problem is ,

Usually calcium tablets have high concentration of calcium than any food , so its absorbed by body quickly ,

1. Calcium is important for maintaining normal blood pressure . It is required for the regulation of heart-muscle function and nerve transmission , it increases stroke volume of heart so there's increase in the blood pressure .

Now when you get these calcium supplements during pregnancy it may cause high blood pressure in pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) ,

2.Second side effect of calcium is , excess calcium forms kidney stones of various varieties and i hope you may not want to experience those lethal pain having more intensity than gunshot...!

3.Excess level of calcium causes CAC. that is Coronary Artery Calcification , many of people who take wrong gym supplements or excessive calcium supplements develop this disease. It continues to block hearts own blood supply which may result in heart attack ...!

4.Thrombosis and thrombo-embolism , these are very severe medical conditions that excess calcium in blood can make , we all know calcium is a very important factor in blood coagulation , excess amount of calcium makes aggregation of platelets and forms a knot like structure called thrombus , which blocks the arteries so there is stoppage of blood flow to next structure / organ . if this thrombus goes to hearts arteries ''coronaries'' it blocks them and stops the heart's own blood supply even it makes heart dysfunction while in chambers of hearts . some times these events may lead to heart attack and death. if these thombus goes to brain it forms brain damage many a times .

5.Other side effects of excess calcium are

*Cardiac Arrhythmia ...!

*Excessive thirst and frequent urination.

*Stomach pain and digestive problems

*Bone pain and muscle weakness.

*Confusion, lethargy, and fatigue.

*Anxiety and depression.

6.When you take high concentrated doses of calcium repeatedly for a long time , it burns out calcium absorbing calls from intestine . which results in less amount absorption of calcium from diet than usual after you stop the dosage which may cause further more calcium deficiency diseases.

Actually it happens in case of Many of nutrients when you take them in higher concentrated form than diet .

7. There are several Drug interactions of calcium : co-administration with thizide diuretics or Vitamin D may lead to Milk Alkali Syndrome and hypercalcaemia . Decreased absorption with corticosteroids . Decreases absorption of tetracyclines , atenolol ,iron ,quinolones , alendronate ,Na-Fluoride ,Zink and calcium channel blockers .

calcium excessively increases cardiac effects of digitalis glycosides and may precipitate digitalis intoxication also.

8. Calcium calcium is an ionic in nature it also interacts with many medicines and produce unwanted side effects and complications in body.

9. Many antacids also made up of calcium carbonate compounds which contain high amount of calcium may also cause many problems...!

10. Osteoporosis medicines and many Antacids contain calcium carbonate which have several other side effects like Milk-alkali syndrome , tissue calcification , Gastric hyper secretion , acid rebound (prolong use of calcium ),Metabolic alkalosis , hypercalcaemia ,constipation .

11.Calcium Regulate cell secretions, cell division and cell multiplication ,

may be this thing have relation to Sycotic Miasm as medicine from calcium in homoeopathy is related to tumors and cancer and over cell growth ,weight gain size of cell etc .

***Now Benefits of Homoeopathy in these deficiency diseases whether it is a calcium or any other important nutrient :

Homeopathy never provides you nutrient , It increases the ability of your body to absorb nutrients up to required quantity for body only .It never increases or decreases any nutrient from body than its normal required limit. The medicine is used to maintain best level of it .In homoeopathy Same medicine is used for treatment of diseases due to deficiency or excess. Only a doctor need to choose a proper power of medicine to gain good and fast results.

If you have calcium deficiency or any disease like osteoporosis or need to take calcium , then it should be managed by only means of calcium rich diet , but never by calcium supplement as it suppresses absorption of calcium form normal diet because of excessive concentration .


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