Dangerous Effects of Aluminium Utensils on Human body:

Updated: Feb 16

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Today we are discussing about ill effects of aluminium on Human Body.

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A. Diseases arise from the Aluminium metal entering the body along with food particles

While washing or Even scraping an aluminium vessel with a steel spoon or mesh it dislodges particles of the metal. It enters the food cooked in this vessel and then into the body through food. Daily approximately 5 to 7 milligrams of aluminium enters the body.

B. Acidic substances assists aluminium ions to dissolve in the food faster

Lime, tomato and such other acidic substances when cooked in such vessels help ions of the metal to dissolve in the food faster and such food is harmful to the body.

C. Aluminium accumulates in the body and becomes a Slow poison

The capacity of the human body to excrete such metals is limited. When this limit is exceeded they gradually accumulate in cells of the muscles, kidneys, liver, bones etc. . Aluminium also has a very dangerous effect on brain cells. As it acts like oxidative free radical . The metal so accumulated in the body results in slow poisoning.

Many years back in history there are articles about British government was spotted giving food to criminals which was cooked in aluminium utensils, so they should die early .

D. Diseases Resulting from food cooked in aluminium vessels

  • Diseases which can be caused by it are depression

  • Anxiety,

  • Bone diseases (such as osteoporosis),

  • Diseases of eyes,

  • Decrease kidney function

  • Diarrhoeahyperacidity

  • Indigestion

  • Pain in abdomen

  • Colitis (infection of intestine)

  • Repeated